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Important Notice: Among all Cat Shows taking place in France, only those listed here may deliver
Aptitude Certificates valid for the LOOF Championship Titles.

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Cat Shows planned in April 2019

Saturday 27 April 2019 to Sunday 28 April 2019

LANGON (33, Aquitaine) - Espace Nougaro

theme : Cat of Thrones (medieval-fantastic)
organizer: International Somali and Abyssinian League (ISAL)
LOOF registration number: 2018-1127
contact person: Ms Elsa KERGOSIEN
contact info: mob: 06 70 10 20 50

planned judges: Ms Eleonora RUGGIERO (Italy), Ms Christel SALMON-MARTEL (France), Ms Sarolta VIRAGHALMY (Hungary), Ms Sandra WUYTACK (Belgium)

official breed special for Abyssinian and Somali organized with ISAL on Saturday

EVREUX (27, Haute Normandie ) - Halle des Expositions

organizer: Association Française du Ragdoll (AFR)
LOOF registration number: 2018-1129
contact person: Mr Jonathan KOSKAS
contact info: mob: 06 60 87 44 21

planned judges: Ms Catherine BASTIDE-CAMPALA (France), Ms Brigitte BERTHELON (France), M. Yann GOBRECHT (France), Ms Julie LECLERCQ (Belgium), Ms Corinne MICHAUX (Belgium), Ms Céline SOUCASSE (France), Ms Karine ZIELINSKI (France)

official breed special for Ragdoll organized with AFR on Saturday

official breed special for Egyptian mau organized with AIME on Sunday

LA ROCHE-sur-YON (85, Pays de Loire) - Ecole LES ETABLIERES - Rond Point route de Nantes

organizer: Club Félin de l'Ouest (CFO)
LOOF registration number: 2018-1144
contact person: Ms Jacqueline VIVIER
contact info: tel: 02 51 51 90 06 - mob: 06 65 35 49 68

planned judges: Ms Florence BAJOU (France), M. Xavier CHABOIS-CHOUVEL (France), Ms Geneviève FRANC (PAQUET) (Belgium), Ms Marie-Claude LEMAIGRE (Belgium)

special judgement Veteran from 6 years on Saturday

special judgement Blue all breeds on Sunday

SAINT ANDRE LEZ LILLE (59, Nord-Pas de Calais) - Les Halles de la Filature

organizer: Cercle du Chartreux Français (CCF)
LOOF registration number: 2018-1159
contact person: Mr Cédric BARTOLI
contact info: mob: 06 60 43 74 44

planned judges: M. Thierry FONTAINE (France), M. Hans KLEIN (Germany), Ms Heike KLEIN (Germany), Ms Alla SERIMOGLU (Turkey), M. Jean-Claude THUNE (France), Ms Ginette TROCH (France)

official breed special for Scottish and Highland organized with APBS on Saturday

official breed special for British shorthair and British longhair organized with APBS on Sunday

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