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The LOOF Pedigree

A LOOF pedigree is an official document fulfilling two goals:

You may look at what a LOOF pedigree looks like by clicking on the following thumbnails:

A kitten must mandatorily be identified (by a microchip or a tattoo) prior to the pedigree establishment and the chip number appears on the pedigree. The kitten must be born from parents who have themselves either:

This is a necessary condition, albeit not sufficient to claim that the kitten be a purebred one. The breeder must also do the necessary declarations (see below) for the kitten to have its own pedigree established and verified by LOOF. Only the owner of the queen may request the pedigree for her litters, which will bear his affix.

Since September 1st, 2009, the pedigree is printed on a different colour if the litter must be registered on an annex to the main book. These are the RIEX (« Registre d'Inscription Expérimental ») and the RIA (« Registre d'Inscription au titre de l'Apparence »). To know more, you may download the complete rules applying to RIEX and RIA and which are part of the LOOF standards guide.


To get a LOOF pedigree for the kittens born from his/her queen, the breeder must:

In no case may the buyer of the kitten request the pedigree himself, hence it is important to check that the sales contract mentions whether the cat is a purebred cat or not.
If the pedigree has not yet been received by the breeder when the kitten is delivered to its new owner, the breeder may provide the buyer with a proof that the pedigree was duly requested, by giving him a copy of the LOOF receipt showing the parents data, a 5-digits file number (which can be used to register the kittens in a LOOF cat show) and the kitten data (name, breed, colour, identification number).
You may see a sample of such a receipt by clicking on the thumbnail at right.



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